Consciousness For Kids

Consciousness for KIDS

Preserving the Purity, Innocence, Divinity and Potent Powers of the Starseeds and New Earth Children

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Summer Camp 2019

Program Highlights:

Guided/Moving Meditations Yoga Play! Breathing Exercises Crystal Bowl Sound Baths Storytelling Indigenous Drum Circles and Medicine Wheel Teachings Healthy Snacks Martial Arts - (Qi Gong/Aikido/Tai Chi) Nature & Outdoor fun! Dancing Singing/Toning/Using Voice Arts & Crafts Journaling Crystals Aura / Energy Awareness EFT for Kids

Through FUN ACTIVITIES & PLAY they will be learning:  

Emotional Awareness Body Awareness Mental Focus Self Awareness Self Reflection Self Appreciation Self Love Virtues & Values Importance of Community & Connection Healthy Boundaries Healthy Communication Empowering Tools & Techniques for Self Regulation Indigenous Wisdom Connection with Nature Creativity Embodiment Practices Energy Basics (Intention Setting, Gratitude, Affirmations etc.)  

And most importantly we will be creating a SAFE SPACE that encourages each child to discover and just BE themselves.

Is this Summer Camp for YOU?

Are you a parent who wishes for a better world and knows that our children are the ones who will create that world?  

Are you a parent who knows that you need help and support in giving your children what they need to thrive in this world?  

Are you a parent who is aware that the mainstream/status quo is limiting and wants more for their children?  

Are you a parent who wants your children to be seen and supported in all that they are?  

Are you a parent who wants to preserve the delicate nature of your children’s purity, innocence and natural gifts?  

If you are a parent who wants your children to develop personal strength and gain tools in how to successfully deal with life challenges as they arise through spiritual, mental, emotional & physical awareness & resilience then this summer camp is the type of camp you have been wishing for!  

I am so excited to announce that CONSCIOUSNESS FOR KIDS ~ Summer Camp is finally here!